Fate of a man

A fundamental thing of importance for a person should be his weight. All other things will depend on how one knows how to hold one's own in one's existence and which character he or she makes.


Thought of fertility

The dance, the singing, a taste of one's own, the preference of a human being, as well as the honest word have an effect on this existence as a human being. With a good attitude towards life, it is easier to lead life. Also, a playing of the human being is part of it. Without feeling the joys of being human, man can hardly fulfill his actual servitude. Without his responsibility and commitment under a free will and without external coercion, it will be difficult for him to maintain a prosperous 'garden' in which he wants to reside. It should belong to our position according to nature that we acknowledge the happiness of this human existence and that we will arrive where we are really welcome.


Manage your own garden

Based on the situation of destitution, for a long time I had no choice to reforest my existence and do something better for myself. So, I put my hands in my lap and thought about it. I wanted to find a tidiness through it, which I also succeeded little by little well. That's when I looked at my thinking paths and organized my ideas. I have prepared this inner world of mine. I created music, painted pictures and wrote lyrics. I had to do it with very little money, but I was able to do it.

Something of lasting value has arisen for me. I call this manor my 'garden'. I'll keep it in my business.

So, I have been given an opportunity to do so in order to reduce my dependence on wage labour. I take it for granted that this is a righteous way. I don't like to impose obligations on other people alone. I also do not regard my demands on this existence as a matter of course to be fulfilled.

The fact that I have been setting something up and building something for myself for more than 20 years makes me happy. This shows me something about my true nature. Through this own existence I would like to become an example for others who are similar to me. The 'garden' behind the house doesn't have to remain an unrealizable dream. Every human being has the right to earn something of his own by his own efforts. If it really belongs to you yourself, you may also eat the fruits of it. If this extra income is small in nature, it should be a first step in the direction of independence from wage labour.

In this way, the bread profession that I have to carry out receives a higher value for my life. Thanks to this, I can enrich my life with circumstances of happiness and win something for myself that I can pass on to others.



Everything complete can actually be beautiful. Go into yourself and stand with what is given to you. So, you shall once acknowledge what you have. That belongs to you. It should be part of the reality of your life and be allowed to have an effect, even occur in it. Let yourself be involved and accept what you are given. Some lesson will become more understandable to you, some teaching you will know how to fulfill in this way.


Prevent manipulation of the given

It should be true that the good comes from the good. There the light and the shadow can reach its real dimension. Thus, worldly illusion without speculation becomes finite truth without arbitrariness of the given. That can be seen.

This world is a distorted picture without imagination. Its reality is one that is free of meaning. That's how it turns out. Everything given therefore needs an ordering power. A patient rest will be there, which should help us to honest knowledge. If we first accept what is given, it also appears before us.



Painting is like dancing the brush on a sheet of paper with paint. As a game it is carried out, with joy it takes place. But sometimes there will also be contrasts and underline our actual gloom. That's the kind of life struggle you go for. Brighten one's mind with the given nature and let everything happen that really wants to happen. Nothing would be left out. Everything has its right to appear. A completeness of the given will make this understandable.



A work should contain everything that really occurs during its production and comes up in our company. There it appears in a clear way before our eyes what makes us special. Some knowledge will be possible to us after that, once these things appear and are given according to their true nature. We are lucky that we have sufficient means to create our own work free from manipulation.


Achieving an overall view

Every path should be a circular path. No one will really be able to divide this one. Everything is already given. Nothing would be missing.

speech formation


Man relies in his existence on his own word. Whatever feedback he gets, he wants to believe for sure. So, he builds on his own property. Who should be able to deny him such a thing without missing himself in the process?


Allow an 'explosion' of the given

In a world where everything is related to each other through its mechanistic qualities, things have an effect besides the appearance of their form. Such an effect occurs with us and occurs to us. This takes place at regular intervals and gives the living its pulse beat.

Since man could not always take only something, but must also give something from him once, it will be according to the liveliness of the being of a man why this is so. That's where it happens, and it takes effect. Some things change through it, others remain the same. It's hardly touched there. If one also keeps everything to himself, then man is put in that position precisely because he has to let it go again. There it comes out and leaves him. Let us prepare ourselves for something like this to happen and relax a bit, because it is good.

Such an explosion of the given would thus be nothing more than an exercise in letting go, a relaxation technique. What happens and appears in us is supposed to free a human being. What would not be possible!