Work of art or mischievous trick


From the taste of things

Originals in the form of pictures should be similar to live music or self-crocheted sweaters. You can love them and enjoy the fact that you own them.


Knowing your history well

A very good friend of mine once advised me to share my knowledge about the true circumstances of my existence with other people. But I will only do this in a way that is also valid for other people. For this purpose, I have to determine which part of it has already attained such a form. In everyday life I check this in conversations with my fellow human beings. We talk about this existence as a human being, the life connected with it and thus carry out a linguistic revival of reality. Many a good thought comes up and I keep it as an idea for the future. Anything different is left out if it has not happened or been experienced. This would quite rightly not have to be taken into account in such a list of the given, because it has no significance for it.

Basically, I still find it difficult to confess and determine the course of my existence so far. However, it will one day be sincere to name, because I want to learn to convey what I have experienced in the way I have done it. I have my lessons to master. Other than that, it wouldn't be my way of saying my own things. Without determining and pointing out their conclusions, all this would be fruitless. It shall then reflect the word of mine my own story, as it has truly occurred. Everything given is to be assigned to an event. It is right there and may be named. That'll make a difference. That's the way it'll be given after all. I will only be able to clarify my path and really apply my knowledge in the right way on the basis of my own story of myself. Just as this came up, it has finally found its way to me as well. This is exactly how it should be conveyed to you. That's what I want to do. It brings with it my very existence. Therefore, this is unlikely to cause any further difficulties. That's what I'm assuming. That should be true to my true conviction and also happen.


The image as a non-volatile medium

A picture can sometimes serve us humans as a storage medium for information. Sometimes it can even be a place to calculate and assemble certain things that mean something to us.

A sheet of paper can carry many things, which makes the knowledge and ability of a human being audible in the first place. All pictures of a person will actually show something of it that is similar to the nature of their creator or even resembles him. The artist sometimes uses his works as a place to reflect his world of thoughts and ideas and can make such a world visible. He becomes a constructor of these things. Afterwards he looks at what has become and examines it to see what it is like.

Such images should become the actual embodiment of a person's spiritual strength and be able to remember it in the future. Sometimes they will also be like a refuge for him, where he comes to himself and becomes aware of his existence.


From existence as a human being

In this life as man, one's own existence should be the real source for this, which enables one to comprehensively take note of the given. From such a fortune shall spring our powers. Then, when we drink from this own source, we can also be strengthened. The feeling of a person wants to be a beautiful one.


finishing moves

With his movement, man can execute a form. With such a one he will certainly create something that resembles this one. There he can do a real job by treating the material with what he has entered. He should be allowed to do what he needs to do.


Focus in Imaging

I have three things in mind when I paint or draw.

  • On the one hand there is the basis of painting, the sheet of paper on the table. This offers me a certain resistance in my occupation as an artist.
  • On the other hand, there will be the virtual space of a performance. It should contain the moment to be depicted which I am wearing and which I accept, take up and finally embody.
  • The hand with the pen or brush will be the third thing there is to hear. Thus, the artist can shape something in an active manner. This is, how his works take shape.


The artist as mediator of a point of view

A work of art per se can only be one if it has already found recognition among other people. One's own work alone will only be suitable to a very limited extent as a testimony of a person's actual aptitude, i.e. also of ourselves.


The human being as observer

The arts have always had a certain meaning for a person like me. For me, this goes far beyond naming the art form and classifying its achievements. My existence is also permeated by a certain beauty, which radiates from such works of other people.


Rapid designs and their significance for the work

A quick design should not only have something of a work in haste. It should also be a testimony of the spontaneity of a person. As such, it will acquire some significance for the work of a human being.

History of the

Art in the Mirror of Mankind

A reproduction of human stories has become the basis for epic works time and again. Such things, as the life of a person has brought with it, have already been repeatedly thematized by artists. An art, on the other hand, which has made itself completely free of all human existence and the feeling of such, is regarded by Schneider as empty and alien.