Preserving the own


Resistance as well as defiance

"Others used to do that better.” - That's what someone once said to me when we were looking at my work. I'm sure what he said is true and correct. But it won't be an argument against my art thing. Then I'll just have to learn how to do what I'm doing.

One thing, however, I already know. I wouldn't want to do the same for all of them once.


Maintaining relationships with other people

Sometimes only vaguely the individual components of that network of actual relationships with other people can be recognized for us. One could not have them safely at one's disposal or even determine them permanently. It is important for me to maintain a sufficiently stable, beneficial and strengthening living environment for myself. I want to deal with this in a benign way.

I find it important to set it up in my own existence in such a way that my existence is completely filled with dealing with other people in this life. At the same time, I would like to know how to preserve what makes me a good and righteous person.

I want to lead the water of life to my roots and absorb it. I would also like to hear a wind, without feeling great fear, on myself. I'd like to match it to my actual 'wings'. This, too, is supposed to be a certain part of me. My inner unity has meant so much to me at times that I want to maintain everything as it really is for me.

As a person I can understand my own things and also my life story with a certain skill. In addition, me for myself becomes visible. The actual, as it is with me, is supposed to stand for something that means happiness to me.


Share your own work

Own pictures and sculptures, as well as texts and songs are at my disposal to share with the users of the Internet. As antennas (a recording and release of resonance) these things should be effective and mean something. Probably these works teach people to find out for themselves what will be good. So, I also believe that it will be true when I say that some actual works have gradually gained something for me that I am aware of.

If perhaps those viewers of it would like to be a little astonished about these things, worked out by me in an independent manner, then I believe it nevertheless that some of it is well received.

Once I had a real fear of the unknown on me when I showed the first pictures, I have grown a backbone which is needed to do something like this. The reactions of my direct environment to my work are sometimes meaningless, sometimes also of a good kind. I already know that my things have a different value for themselves than they do for those who have not come to know them in their entirety. It's up to me to make sure that the audience succeeds. For this I have to prepare my work and wait for a reaction of the people to this work show.


The craft and its meaning

A world like our western hemisphere is one, has too often already forgotten those practices of the old crafts. Thus, also the respective hands, their grips and techniques are banished by us into a darkness and emptiness, so that they could no longer occur with us. I find that so sad throughout.

A purposeful work is regarded by some as a 'block on the leg' that supposedly prevents you from walking freely and doing what you really want to do. In contrast, as an artist I even try to talk about what my hands are doing.

You will not gain an advantage by neglecting your own hands. Some people are therefore certainly lacking the necessary skills. Hardly anyone has developed the gift far enough to develop something with them that has real meaning.

Hardly anyone is ready to catch up on something like this. But a person without any energy from his own hands will hardly be able to do proper work.

Something like that will endanger his very existence. So, he will have to fail in this existence or even fail without any other good reason if he did not finally take seriously what his hands are doing. After all, the entire human being and also his actual realization depends on his actions.

The old crafts sometimes serve me as a good and imaginable example of some real human activity. In my texts I use some descriptions of them as a metaphor for a real existence and occurrence of these things. Sometimes I have already driven so well that I have been able to make myself understood by my fellow men.


A job and its potential

The potential difference between a portrait and its surroundings leads to a (possible) impression on the viewer. An intensive show can rarely be limited to a single portrait by an artist alone. Rather, this world is to be understood as a symposium of all local events at the same time and in the same way at the time of the event.

Every moment of the show of a single characteristic dissolve sometime then again and unites itself again with the whole. Man would have no choice but to pick up that actual thread of his existence again. Pictures are sometimes to be understood as top views of labyrinths, which for a time vex our gaze. They serve us as an overview of the whole at our own show.

At some point, however, the view of the meaningful would no longer be blocked and man would be capable of understanding. His own awareness of what it is like for him, what comes up for him, then comes to the fore of his experience and determines him. Oh yes, art would like to invite you to experience such a show for yourself completely. It would be a matter for man to learn to see again with each work.


The viewer

Typically, people would not look at those structural elements of an image with the same devotion as they look at the organic or geometric elements of a natural motif.

I myself have already felt my bright joy at the show of some of the artists' works. The work of a simple journeyman will also be usable as an idea for an interior show that sometimes occurs with me. There will actually be no work to be spurned for those who want to see it themselves. Everything will be equal. It is therefore something special, because it moves the human being to the establishment of a show of the given. A sense of human existence is thus strengthened.


Of one's own hands works

Our own hands can shape such things as we like them. Once you've created a few such benign things, you've made a first step towards creating a basis for your work. From such examples of one's own actions something can certainly be deduced. You're supposed to build something for yourself.

One can then place these works in one's own environment and in this way learn to get used to one's own work and its nature.


Finding a consensus

Where does the actual stability come from? What makes me so safe in this existence? - Thanks to my own focus on something I already know, I can keep my bearings and continue to do my things as well as before. Yes, an orientation of my own person towards something specific that I already know can do so much good.

It is necessary for me to be able to focus on one thing as a whole and to be able to preserve it.


task of a human being

Oh, man should devote himself with loyalty to the task assigned to him and design the features necessary for each of his individual work steps in a purposeful manner. This will certainly create something beautiful. It should also be so that he himself can hear when the actual work is in his will. This shall be a valid principle for my work.

Everyone should come into the appropriate constitution to shape his actual work according to his cosmos as it is. From this the own needs can be derived with certainty. So, they will be recognizable from him. From this moment, when he has already recognized them, he should orientate himself accordingly in his life.

Man needs certain thoughts for his actual training. These are to be formed correctly by us, so that they are known and appear. The work of us shall be a meaningful one. It'll give us the advantage of being able to do something. For this reason, the value of one's own action should be well known to the worker himself. So, in a certain way it is conceivable that he will succeed in something for which he really stands up.


recognise events as such

The things of this existence would not occur as they appear without reason. They have already received their validity from this moment, because it exists. What there is is something that has become. It has an immediate effect. This has its consequences, but also always its predecessors. These are the ones in the whole that cause things to appear to us in such a 'light' as it seems to us there.

We would not always be able to recognize all this in the right way. Our fortune is finite. Nor would we attribute every consequential effect to its true cause. Man has a conditioned power for this life and above all must know how to cope with a limitation of his means. What is possible for him, he should do in a complete way to improve something for himself. The really existing situation will be continued or something of it will be lost to him.


To search for a suitable constitution for oneself

Every task in life presupposes an appropriate constitution of the person who performs it. Any offer to process a task requires a certain knowledge of what it is. For this reason, man must not only learn his working methods and the implementation of suitable ideas, but also ensure his own constitution if he wants to work. This will have to be mediated by him.

It is usually sufficient for one's own capacity to mature to refrain from those things which will certainly harm one's own constitution and to devote oneself to the beneficial things. The road to real success will sometimes be long, but there can be no alternative in this existence. Much patience, perseverance, diligence and also a certain ability of man should be necessary to master it. It wouldn't be done with skill alone.


forces of fate

A ball of string has sometimes been full of knots. The cords are sometimes tangled with each other.

This construct by chance will be like given. If possible, the cords should remain in shape when they are released from their knots. Only if the cords are preserved as a whole can they be wound back onto a spool. Maybe one day they'll weave a new cloth with it.

Our existence, too, is marked by such confusion as this world itself brings with it. Only the true order of the given will lead us there to a freedom from it, which of course would not be more than an emptiness. Where the disorder of things has been dissolved, order can finally prevail.


Funds used

The means I use in my work should be of a simple design. It should not be wrong to limit oneself somewhat in the selection of one's own materials and methods. I've tried to get along with the little I've known before.

You don't actually need any extra frills to make something ordinary out of what's there.

Method and Plan

From the study of one's own action

Man has sometimes done his things in his own way and is used to knowing one for himself. He's good at doing that. Such a thing will be given above all, if he has decided for this adjustment himself.


About a completion of the things known to us

Man has something in his possession. That should be his own equipment, which belongs to him firmly. The nature of this corresponds to its existence as it is. It will be the first task of a human being to recognize this existence as a default. All the rest follows this thought with us.

Mathias Schneider, 2018