As an author


Recognizing one's own pictorial space

The inner space of a human being can sometimes also be understood as a pictorial space. The actual cosmos, as it is known to man because of its relation to it, can basically appear in this pictorial space. He does that sometimes.

In order to explore this own ground, I have written down some things so that they become known to me.


A meditation with words

In my work as a language designer I meditate on what is given to me. What I can see is what I compare with the text already created. That's how I get to change some of it. There is also some of what I can delete afterwards. Once that is done, I sometimes get the raw framework for this kind of meditation with words. I 'flood' my mind with the written word, that it may connect with it. That's how it comes into contact with me inside. That's the moment of contemplation that's taking place with me. In order to achieve this, I must go with myself into enclosure. But once it has been found, this spring will also bubble. Then, time and time again, something comes about with me that springs from my own world of thoughts and ideas. I pick this up and give it back. So, I have something of my own with which I can soon supplement my own fonts.


A way of probation

As a human being, I can only try to exist as I am. I have received no guarantee that this will be enough for anything else. As the one who I really am, I have to accept everything that my existence makes possible for me. I appreciate that. So, I try to get it into the right track and at some point, maybe something good will be true for me in this way, which I can also use well.


A life with the course of the moon

The course of the moon has something about it that makes it almost unpredictable. That's the default. So also, this existence as a human being will be determined by certain imponderables, because we carry something comparable to the moon on us. This one is supposed to be the whole thing that condition us. If it emerges, we will keep it that way. But if it sinks, it will fade away. It just gets eaten up and disappears.