The workers message


The tensor of an artist

It would not be possible for me to deduce myself and my actual work from the concept of art. However, I can deduce from my works that I exist. So, this existence is what can be made recognizable through my artistic work. But do I? - My texts embrace the very essence of me without bringing it to the point. The value of my things alone will only be something comparable to the mathematical numerical value. But what's the point of naming this one? - It will be better if I perform the tensor itself as a whole and leave it to you to decide what you want to do with it.


The own as source

One thing that is very important to me is that I do my work in my own way, as it really corresponds to myself. That's why I create my own at all, so that I can become aware of what it is.

I look at what has become of it in detail and yet release myself from it again. Just as I need a spring of my own to drink water, I need a solution of it to convert this water into me. So, it is true for me that I am going through a whole process on my way. I describe it faithfully to its ideal state but would not be able to maintain such a state at all times. Again, and again I have to submit to the demands of my existence and fulfil them before I can turn to my own good.

Thank God that's still so possible for me. Cries of jubilation escape my lips only quietly and for some these calls are hardly audible, but they should exist.


A kind of painting suitable for children

A painting, which is to find its place at home in the circle of a family, must satisfy a certain claim in addition. Those works should not only be suitable for children.

To have an idea of what will be good for a human mind is a necessity for some. Thinking about it again and again will probably enable an artist to make the right choice of the means he uses in his works.

One should not paint or draw anything in a banal way, just because one assumes a low-value spiritual nature. Neither should anything be designed in such a way that it alone will only frighten or disturb.

Every picture created should have a certain value and be accessible for us humans.


Strengthening that sense for the right thing

Something that is of a certain value to me should also be well suited to stand up to another person. I've got to get this thing across that means something to me. It can be verbal. A thought can be expressed or written down once it has been formed with me. For this I consider the given for the moment with me, in order to experience such a thought, how it would like to develop thereby from itself. A meaning of this thought would not only be understandable when it is manifested. I can also hold one with me and carry it on me. Sometimes I realize what it means to me. That's how my doing gets its meaning.


Prefer simple motifs for works of art

A simple motif can enchant the observer with its inherent simplicity. How much more beautiful will it be when this will be well worked out. Meanwhile, the true stage of the elaboration should be one in which one sees the internalization of such a work and fully preserves it in oneself. What good are the works on paper and cardboard if there is no access to them? The true approach to the work of an artist should be that of the inner show. How well such a thing will be possible, if the motive comes across simple and pleasing!


Choosing clear shapes for yourself

The use of clear forms in works should testify to a certain maturity of a painter's character.


A certain shaping

That colouring, matched to the shape of the things drawn, can bring to light something that is almost nowhere else to be seen by an untrained eye.