Dear Readers,

With great pleasure I, Mathias Schneider from the Ortenau in Mittelbaden, Germany, hereby inform you that my card index box has gradually grown into an actual work. Meanwhile, the 'construction kit', as I called this card index myself, has already found its first readers.

Here on the Wiki 'Handicraft' I describe some of the essential things, which have something to do with my work as an artist. These texts have been quite topical in the past but have been stuck in the moth box for a long time. Then I have neglected these quite a bit. I lost track of some of them. So, I have failed to prepare all this in an equal kindness. But please don't be afraid to have a look around anyway.

If you would like to see this work, you are welcome to do so now. You will also be able to browse in the other wikis from my pen.

Those many pages of my card index box are unfortunately still somewhat disordered after their sum. This phase of my self-discovery still continues with me. I will first have to consolidate one or two important assets in detail before they will perhaps suffice for you. You can certainly tell from my work that, seen as a thing, it is somewhat unfinished.

Nevertheless, I would like to wish you much pleasure in reading the other texts of this wiki and I remain

kind regards

the author Mathias Schneider