Of the light and the good

The physis of a human being is not loaded with forces. The true nature of man should be formless.

All the work of art leads to reactions. The substance is hard, its nature is violent. We humans are shaped by what is given.

Well, it'll be there when we can let it go again. So, we'll know how to recover.

But anyone who wants to derive his happiness from such a structure, as it is depicted by the substance, can actually take the trouble to go under. Anything that can be won like this could not be auspicious. Man's life is to be understood correctly in his independence from such things. The matter of man is a clarity of appearance, but not bound to the expenditure.

Some greetings and some phrases have a higher value than some books. The weather and the time bring some storms with them, which have to be withstood.


An equipment of man

The author Schneider has considered the question of what kind of human equipment will be and has found some answers to it. He would now like to go into this before he clarifies his own position on it. Such a situation should be addressed first.

There are two ways to think of man to understand him. On the one hand there would be the person surrounded by objects and concerned with them to be recognized. On the other hand, however, he will also take off such objects and be unaware of them. So, who he is depends on how you think he is.

Only objects that are suitable for him can be considered as recommended. These should strengthen his being and underline his nature. On the other hand, a wrong selection of objects will cause a person to lose himself. There he is banished and vexed, paralyzed and corrupted because of such things. He wouldn't be himself anymore. His developments thus become actual entanglements.

As a human being, therefore, one changes again and again into that state of independence from one's own means. Why do we also need a constant reference to any object? - That would be awful.

You'd better get inside yourself by handing out what you're good at. Others will know how to try it just as well. The object shall be possessed by the man who knows how to control it. It's customary among us.

It should be such a thing as we ourselves own it and which therefore determines us, because of which we win our forms and find our shape. The form of our movement will lead to its harmony with the design of the object. If we change it, our form also changes. There we experience a motor otherness of ourselves. This is something of our own that has to do with our body structure. This one requires a lot from us.

But man also has a spiritual structure of his own. Everything that we understand rightly conditiones us. For this we need some insight into the realities of this cosmos. With the point of view of a person we look at it and thus come to our predispositions. But it wouldn't be the nature of other people that would lead us to believe that. Nor would the logic of arguments make us who we are. It's supposed to be our own nature that makes such a difference. We are equal above all other things because of an equal relationship to this natural appearance of man.

No one can free himself from his own nature, but no one can use it as a pretext to disadvantage other people. Then he's missing something. Every human being suffers a kind of need. No one will be exempt.


Clear paths to follow

In his own way, Schneider does every day what gives him pleasure. He's got a regular job there. This gives him the freedom to be artistically active at home. He already possesses the necessary materials for this, he is trained in dealing with them.

Some have considered him to be detached, because he has presumed to appear as a creator of art. The profession of an artist is one that requires very good skills and an extensive, profound knowledge. How's that gonna go with Schneider? - Some people laughed at the top of their voices and behaved cranky. But what is Schneider to do with it other than to see stepped on the ground? - But that would not be the right option in the long run to accept this existence. He wants to acknowledge what goes along with this. It's pretty stupid for him that people treated him contemptuously. The mockery and the malice alone have only carried a low nutritional value.

But what is there should also be addressed. That's why Schneider maintains his posture. He will continue on this path. That's what he wants to do and earn the laurels he deserves. If for some it might be just like a prank, what he is doing, then he will stand up for his own cause.

Then, when they are alert to your mind and still let you down or even underbutter you, he has a few answers ready for them, too. After all, he wouldn't have to be fallen on his lips. He's sure of his business. Whether other people are willing to acknowledge what he has done so far would not concern him constantly.

He would like to claim such freedom for himself. If other people have declared his work to be arbitrary and worthless, then he also implements it. There he became an art-trash activist and still goes to primary school. He's passed 32nd grade by now. The seventh degree is already complete. Now he can laugh again, because he thinks these quotes are good and can get something out of them.

Schneider doesn't favor sophistication. Also, he has it less with the sharpness of the word. That's too dull for him in the long run. What makes a man is nobody's business. It wouldn't just be a private matter. The side blows which one must endure in society in this country justify this renunciation.

Schneider talks about his artistic work and also about his person. He wants to keep it that way. He doesn't think it's in good shape to be forgotten. Neglect is an abyss to which some people are exposed. Sometimes people also neglect themselves. Schneider wants to break out of this spell. In this way he wants to release something of value for himself and his fellow human beings.

For this reason, his show of works can be found online. The author doesn't mind that this is hardly noticed or visited. He's no star, no hero, no banana among the fruits. Instead, he is simply knitted, likes to deal with the trivial insights and qualities of people. His environment sometimes laughs at him. Some days, however, are also experienced by him in such a way that he feels respected. Those who could not do this themselves have not yet arrived on the same path.

But what makes Schneider's work such a conglomerate of psychedelic excrescences and why does he favour them so much? What drugs does he take and why would he consume them so often at all that this style has consolidated with him? - He's laughing again. An art dealer from the town of Loerrach really asked him that once. It would not be necessary to comment on this. It speaks for itself.

The qualities of a human exist. Nobody chooses who he is. We are scooped up; at best we are even born. We have an origin. Beyond that, there are only imprints. A man's life will be like this. He sees life as a truth in itself.

But the conviction that truth is the reason for this existence and the fate associated with it is LSD on the tongue of many an art connoisseur. Without this derivative from deadly substances, some people do not come into contact with the vision of such soul images. What Schneider simply looked at has sometimes remained hidden from other people. They look for excuses, they find defenses. People are like drunk when someone has something they didn't know.

Now follows a reset. What's my job here? - A restructuring of the given hardly brings anything. Sliced honey. What's bad, that wouldn't be good to do in the future. I understand people's behaviour as their attempt to polish themselves up by devaluing them. People hypocritise each other a little and think that they are doing justice to the truth of this existence. Some of them can hardly sleep at night. Their remarks of the day would certainly not testify to alertness.

Welcome, Bienvenue, Welcome


Ladies and Gentlemen,

the former wiki 'Handwerk' is now simply called 'Handicraft' in its English version. It is a small collection of texts which are supposed to describe the art thing of Mathias Schneider, *1975. He is located in Offenburg in the district of Ortenau near the Black Forest in Germany.

By providing this wiki, the author Schneider would like to introduce you to some of the things that seem important to him for you to be known and associated. This website is intended for a smaller audience, which also has a certain interest in the art of an outsider.

He would like to greet those people who find here with a friendly welcome. Look around in this text collection and feel yourselves please well.

What's going on here on this wiki? - The working method used in the creation of this typeface is one chosen largely freely by Schneider. It's a self-cobbled one at that. Meanwhile, the author has retained an actual reference to speech formation. From about 1995 onwards, he has intensively dealt with this topic. Since then he has tried to secure his own linguistic abilities for the near future. This has certainly enhanced his happiness in this life a little. From then on, he has cultivated the writing of his own literature to perform continuously. At home, sitting at his desk, he now creates things that suit him well.

He found more and more himself. He has fathomed something about the essence of his own person. He soon knew how to assert himself well in everyday life with words. Little by little, his way of writing down the facts of a case has been consolidated with him. He'd like to be satisfied with that. He already dares to write his texts based on this live on the Internet on publicly accessible portals and to make them directly available to you for a reading as they are.

What good has he done in this way? - Well, Schneider has tuned in to his own objectives at handicraft. He would like to fulfill these once. It consists in doing a preparation of his own things in a favorable way, in which these are basically simply and clearly named by him. This should be something that will make the essence of his concept accessible to you as a reader. The author presents what he already knows about his own thoughts and ideas in as useful a way as possible. He is constantly fine-tuning that the form of his works will be sufficient for this. At times, he also supplemented his writings with certain trivial references to familiar things, so that an assignment of them is clearly visible.

In the course of the years since 2011, he has created a whole 'construction kit' of his own websites. This card index is his second great literary work. He gave it that name himself. Almost daily he continues his work on it in his spare time. In the meantime, he has prepared with this some of the things that really mean something to him.

He now wants to gradually work out what he has designed into a coherent whole. That's his business. It should be possible to join the whole work of him thereby flush. This should be like a basket, consisting of braided strands, which correspond to his thoughts and ideas of his own kind, something useful, which can also be used by other people. In preparation for this he wrote his wikis once. At an early stage in the preparation of his exhibition, he had already begun to do so. It was all a little uncertain for him back then. He really couldn't foresee what would come one day and is actually possible for him. The fulfillment of this task has already moved a lot in his own life. Many things have therefore become more bearable for him. He is thus probably already a little closer to the generally valid goal of a human being to find a place within this society.

These collections of texts should be designed as uniformly as possible. Subject and predicate are supplemented by those objects required for the respective thing as soon as it becomes clear which they are. Thus, the structure of the texts to be found here is to result from itself. This should make these writings more accessible to a readership. Schneider believes that it is possible to achieve this. The entire network, consisting of these own fonts, should appear flush and be easy to read. In addition, it should occur here in the Internet also really. Also, a publication of these writings, as they are, in book form, for instance as a reproduction of this presence on the Internet in the format '1: 1: 1 = 100 %', is in the room and is to be accomplished sometime.

The actual impressions Schneider has of his thoughts and ideas during a reading of these texts in his 'construction kit' are noted by the author and then, as best he can, he exploits them with his own strength in his works. Schneider's actual strengths and weaknesses have already had an impressive effect on his artistic work at times and this time have made him appear in a better light and sometimes in a worse one. It would not always be all of a constant goodness what he does. Some things he has yet to learn properly as well as to ensure that what he gets into before he can succeed.

Basically, he creates a network of such writings, which should show what kind of labyrinth his world of thoughts and ideas embodies. On the basis of this effort, he wants to document the actual state of what he has been given. He likes to use his wikis in the 'construction kit' for this purpose.

He now wishes you much pleasure in reading the other texts of this index and remains

kind regards

the author Mathias Schneider


Short meeting

Some of the works of art that I publicly present on the Internet have the character of beginner's works. I myself refer to what I am doing as an installation of the 'art trash'. With this I have provided you with many a work of my own, perhaps even imperfect, for consideration.

What am I trying to do? - I regard all my works as equal to each other. That's how I want to portray them. That makes sense to me. That's why I don't want to do without any of them when I'm putting on my show.

It's all a part of my things in this existence. The whole of it alone will embody only the whole that it is meant to constitute. I therefore try to set up a complete show of the given and thus to realize myself as a human being. I would like to train people in a correct and true way to see the good that is given to them, so that a picture of our reality of life can be completed.

For this reason, for me art is not an end in itself, but rather a point of reference on the path to self-realization. That's how I practice these arts. It serves me for the postprocessing of a phenomenological self-experience of humans. In this way I try to deal with my work and get along.

The impulses released by an art form prepare people for a possible and actually meaningful examination of what is given to them. That is why I see the cause of a person as a consequence of all his works as a whole. If he wants to know who he is, he can deal with everything and would not have to give up anything of himself. It should be a whole sum of goods, what will be to be received from this one in addition, before the picture of his world of thoughts and ideas fits seamlessly. It is such a sum which should mean something to him, and which will also do something to him if he has faced this task in time in his existence.

In principle, all genuine components of this world should be understood independently of each other. You can handle them there. They complement each other in our own world view by addition to something that will be higher than the individual of it. Things are making a connection that can be essential. The components of the whole causally form a chain of natural events. A sequence of events can be recognized temporally from them, because one builds on the other. In addition, these things are to be understood in such a way that they are all the more significant for us the clearer their proximity to the subject of man, that is to say to ourselves, becomes true and their rank is fixed for us.

If you put work after work together to form a whole, you can finally connect them with each other. It will keep them in order. What is made possible by this is to be a creation of the existing. Some of them will be easy to install, others will probably remain misunderstood for a good while and may pose puzzles for us. We can see such matters as being consistent with them. The things of this world are not to be neglected, but to be considered, because they are the foundation of a real yield for us one day. What has corresponded to their value according to the real contributes to a knowledge of the given, if they can be integrated into one's thinking.

So, I design something in the construction kit, which should bring you closer to my work exhibition. Why am I doing all this? - In spite of all the difficulties of this existence, the given has already, through its very existence, experienced a clear entitlement to it, in order to be present in us with perfect justification. I'd like to make it the way it is. I associate it with some hope for my own cause.